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The Google Pixel Tablet is arriving at some point in 2023. While nobody knows quite when the release date is, someone was apparently already selling a prototype on Facebook Marketplace. (Why does this keep happening to Pixel prototypes?) The listing, spotted by Twitter user ShrimpApplePro, represents the first non-marketing pictures of Google’s upcoming tablet, along with the base accessory that turns it into a smart display.

We can see this is a 256GB version of the tablet, and it’s a rare look at the device in black, with a mismatched white speaker dock. Naturally it’s running Android 13 with all the fun new tablet additions.

The Pixel Tablet was officially announced alongside the Pixel 7 in October, but we still don’t have a price or release date. The hardware is designed to look identical to a Nest Hub, Google’s line of smart displays, and Android 13 can launch a “hub mode” when docked, which seems purpose-built for a product like this. If the Pixel Tablet kicks over into a 10-foot “docked” interface, though—perhaps something that looks like the Nest Hub software—we haven’t seen it. Every shot of the device shows it running the normal Android tablet interface.

As for what we do know, it will run the Google Tensor G2 SoC, the same as the Pixel 7 and upcoming Pixel 7a. Google said the tablet body is aluminum but with a “nano ceramic coating inspired by the fine texture of porcelain.” Supposedly, this will give the tablet a “soft, matte, and textured feel.” A set of pogo pins and magnets on the back connect the tablet to the dock, which charges the device and connects it to a bigger speaker.

The Pixel Tablet will be Google’s first return to the Android tablet market after a gap of seven years.

Listing image by Google

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