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Musk’s alleged stalker identified; no evidence of ElonJet tracking, report says

Last Wednesday, Elon Musk seemed absolutely convinced that an alleged “crazy stalker” used a Twitter account tracking his private jet to accurately pinpoint the Twitter CEO’s live location at a gas station outside the Los Angeles International Airport. Posting a video of the alleged stalker, claiming his son was in the car, and blaming @ElonJet for endangering his family, Musk banned the Twitter account and threatened legal action against the account’s creator, Jack Sweeney.

Police have since investigated the incident, and the alleged stalker, Brandon Collado, has come forward. On Saturday, Collado reportedly even tweeted directly at Musk to say, “I am the guy in the video.”

But so far, police told The Washington Post, there’s “no evidence to suggest the man police were investigating had used the jet-tracking account.” The Post also found no evidence that either of Musk’s kids were in the car when the incident occurred. Police told The Post that no arrests had been made, and no crime reports had been filed by Musk or his security team.

Twitter, Musk, and Sweeney could not immediately be reached by Ars for comment. [Update: Sweeney told Ars that he has received no legal notices from Musk so far, suggesting that at this point, any legal action from Musk would just make Musk “look worse.” Sweeney finds it “kind of suspicious” that the incident happened almost a day later, so far from the airport, and seemed to follow internal Twitter Slack discussions—that an employee shared with Sweeney—which suggested that Twitter was considering restricting visibility of his @ElonJet account starting December 2. For now, his account remains suspended, and Sweeney told Ars that he removed the Twitter app from his phone to prevent the company from tracking his device. The whole experience has turned him off to Twitter almost entirely, he said. “I don’t know if I would want to use Twitter because they would just be watching everything I would do,” Sweeney said.]

According to The Post, the incident occurred approximately 23 hours after Musk’s jet landed at an airport near a gas station in south Pasadena. The gas station is about 26 miles from the airport but right down the street from Musk’s ex-girlfriend Grimes’ house.

Collado told The Post that he had “an interest” in Musk and Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher. Collado claimed that he stopped by the gas station after working as an Uber Eats delivery driver and visiting a friend in Boucher’s neighborhood. Once he got to the gas station, Collado claimed that Musk’s security worker confronted him “without reason.” Afterward, police arrived and told Collado that police would be filing a report after he answered questions. Collado told The Post that he has not heard from police since.

Collado apparently believed that Grimes was sending him coded messages via her Instagram posts and that Musk had been tracking Collado in real time, perhaps even blocking Collado from receiving Uber Eats delivery orders. In his tweet to Musk, which seems to have since been deleted, The Post reported that Collado claimed that Musk has “connections to me” and has “stalked me and my family for over a year.”

Uber did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment on Collado’s current status as an Uber Eats delivery driver.

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